Atika Home Billiard Clubs was founded in 1990. Thus we have already gained a long-term experience in producing billiards tables. Billiards tables are signed with a Polish Billiard Society Certificate and fulfil all demands that are made for fully professional product.

Our billiards tables stay at houses of well-known politicians, journalists, businessmen and actors, where the billiards room is usually made together with interior architecture (bars, English wall panelling, etc.)

Marketing line of the company assumes that ATIKA billiards tables appear only in well organized clubs, pubs with snuggery and creative interior where everybody can feel safely. These clubs can receive Home Billiard Clubs Atika Certificate.

We run music clubs as well:

Klub Muzyczny, Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2, Katowice

Klub Muzyczny Centrum Kultury, ul. Spółdzielcza 9, Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Moreover, our offer includes space arrangement for relaxation and entertainment together with equipment of slot machines and interior architecture. We help to build pubs and clubs in the range of:
We offer lease in clubs and rental of the following machines for different kinds of occasional events:
You can see our machines among others in the following places: